Monthly Clubs & Exclusive Designs

Some designs are available exclusively as part of a club, which offers registered stitchers a monthly kit including a canvas, all fibers and materials, plus a stitch guide.  These designs are often exclusive to a shop for an extended time before being made available to all.

The following designs are available as part of monthly clubs.  Please contact each shop to register.

 The Vintage Christmas Stamp Collection

Enjoy a virtual stitch along on this series of six vintage Christmas stamps with When you join the club, will send you the six canvases, fibers, and all other materials needed to stitch the guides written by Jinny Barney McAuliffe.

Each vintage stamp designs measures 4.25" by 3.25”, hand painted on 18 mesh. 


The Whimsical Menagerie Collection

Featuring animals from land, air, and sea, the Whimsical Menagerie Collection is an exclusive club with The Black Sheep of Orlando, commencing in January of 2019. Each month, members will receive a canvas, fibers, and stitch guide, as well as a bonus ornament for a total of 13 designs.

Each ornament measures between 3” and 6”, hand-painted on 18 mesh.

Call The Black Sheep at (407) 894-0444 to join!


Dianne’s Seaside Series

Inspired by the soft colors and breezy coastal landscape of Florida, Dianne’s Seaside Series is a 12-month club exclusive to The Flying Needles of Belleair Bluffs. Commencing in April of 2019, each month, members will receive a canvas, fibers, and stitch guide.

Each ornament measures 4” round and is hand-painted on 18 mesh canvas.

Call The Flying Needles of Belleair Bluffs to register (727) 581-8691.